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EP can manage groups of any size. For groups of 10 to the thousands, EP can make your next event a success. The client may request EP to handle the entire event or may choose what assistance is desired from the following options:

Event Planning

  • Locating facilities
  • Handling facility contract(s) and function sheets.
  • Developing mailing list(s)
  • Notifying participants of event plans including registration forms.
  • Accepting registration forms and, if applicable, registration fees.
  • Notifying participants of registration confirmation.
  • Providing name badges for pre-registered participants.
  • Providing staff to work registration at the event.
  • Preparing participant packets.
  • Transporting participant packets and other materials.
  • Developing timelines for conference details (i.e. printing, program, ordering of supplies, etc.)
  • Assisting client with necessary submission requirements
    (i.e. :RFP development, etc.)
  • Providing facilitators for event.
  • Providing staff for on-site assistance with facility needs.
  • Arranging equipment rental and setup.
  • Arranging food and beverage needs.
  • Develop specific forms pertaining to event needs (i.e. : sign-in sheets, travel vouchers, etc.)
  • Developing participant evaluation(s) for the event.
  • Compiling participant evaluations in report form
  • Generating reports, as requested by the client, on participant stats (i.e.: job title, geographic location, funding sources, etc.), for a period of one year.
  • On-site setup (i.e.: registration, concurrent sessions, etc.).
  • Digital photography

Staff Training and Other Services

  • Staffing audits
  • Training on event planning strategies
  • Developing standard operating procedures
  • Training on office procedures

Facility Management

  • Developing and providing oversight of yearly operating budgets
  • Developing facility operation guidelines and procedures
  • Handling facility reservations and contracts associated therein
  • Overseeing facility maintenance
  • Supervising facility staff
  • Developing monthly reports
  • Reporting to local boards and / or commissions, state / city / county and /or federal officials, etc.
  • Public relations
  • Marketing


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